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Six Weeks; Five Pounds; and One Brain.

March 16, 2014


Hello. My name is Renee and I used to be addicted to the scale. It owned me. And controlled how I felt about myself. Whether or not I had a good day depended on what that scale said. Whether I ate bad or healthy depended on what the scaled showed. If it showed a loss–I […]

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I Heart Running <3

November 2, 2012


So far this has been an amazing year. I signed up with Team in Training and made some AMAZING friends and walked away with some solid friendships. The entire experience was simply incredible. My plan is to return as a mentor. And train with some first timers. I never imagine I would have had this […]

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Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

August 27, 2012


So the last blog kinda left me emotionally spent. Not in a bad way. Never in a bad way. I have been feeling on top of the world from my weekly practice runs. The gallstones has forced me to eat in a way that is pretty healthy which, combined with running, has helped me drop […]

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The Year of Change

July 18, 2012


In April I posted on Facebook that 2012 was going to be my year, and that it was going to be the year of Change. I started a half marathon training schedule on my own and joined a boot camp. If you know me at all, you know that no matter what I set out […]

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