PR: Progress Realized

April 11, 2014

My Running

I have been redeemed. I did a 10k last week and I finished with a decent pace. Considering my pace has been averaging between 11:15–11:30, finishing the 10k with a 10:35 pace made me extremely happy. When I came into the FINISH I had a memory pop up from last year when I came through that same finish: yelling at my friend “I PR’d!!! I just PR’d!!!!!!!!!” What a great memory. No PR this race.

But progress is just as sweet.

I’m still doing boot camp, and my shoulders were sore from a workout. My knee has been hurting—and I don’t know from what. I am ignoring it but I don’t think that’s very smart. My heel feels great!!! The injury that had me out pretty much all last year, is now non-existent. And here comes the knee pain.

My head said to me all through the run:

“if it’s not one fucking thing it’s another!!!!!!!!!”
“My knee hasn’t hurt EVER since 2006—and it chooses now to act up?”
“I’ll run to the halfway point and take a break…”
“I’m at the halfway point now….ok I’ll run till the 4 mile mark…”
“If my shoulder wasn’t hurting, I’d be a happier runner.”
“I swear if my knee was feeling good I would enjoy running.”

Before I knew it, I was at the 5 mile marker. My co-worker’s husband stayed with me throughout the race. I stopped to take a drink of water, and he asked how the knee was. He said we could make it under an hour if we finished the last mile in 5 minutes. I said “oh that’s impossible. I couldn’t do that….”

He was kidding.

With the finish line in sight….I wanted to STOP so bad. Instead I said “let’s go, Ben….” And we hightailed it in to the end. (What a weird word: hightailed.) My goal was to finish in under 1:06 because I wanted my pace to be faster than 11min miles. My finish time was 1:05:49. So I did what I set out to do—in spite of my mind.

My head wants to keep reminding me that I finished this same race last year in right under an hour. 59:58.

But I got out of running shape, I gained weight and my pace slowed down to an 11:45 for a three mile run! When I got back to running, running three miles felt HARD! And I didn’t give up.

Yes. Progress is just as sweet.

I try to ignore my mind’s chatter. That internal noise is just NO GOOD sometimes! What do you guys do to shut it off?

I ran the 10k. Stopped for maybe a minute the entire run. Stayed steady. Stayed happy. Stayed focused. Stayed strong.

And this post actually makes me sit here and smile. I’m back, I’m coming back, and strong is the new sexy.


That’s Ben to my left.

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2 Comments on “PR: Progress Realized”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Well done and congrats on realizing improvement! Be careful with that knee though. You don’t want to push through pain and make whatever it is worse.


    • rsouleret Says:

      Thank you. Yes–I know I need to take care of this knee. It’s just that, I’m just now coming back! I don’t want anyone to tell me to stay off of it. But I know…I know….if I don’t take care of it-it can turn into something worse. Thanks for the reminder! :-)


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