JUST. Keep. Going.

February 16, 2014

My Running

Am I on the other side? Of Hell?

“When you’re going through Hell, KEEP GOING…”

Said Winston Churchill.

I thought of this quote as I hit Mile 1 in a four mile run. Because I sure wanted to QUIT! But I didn’t. I kept going. And the longer I ran, naturally the more I thought.

My regional director asked me to take on a project at work; to organize crafts for us employees to do. Yes I said crafts. During my run I was thinking of different ideas of what I could start with at work. And my mind kept flip-flopping back and forth between wanting to quit and remembering what Winston Churchill said, to the undecided project at work.

Omg I want to quit!
What should the first project be?
Winston Churchill said to keep going.
Don’t stop.
What project should I do at work?
Don’t stop.
Don’t stop.
Omg how far have I gone?
ONE MILE??!!!!!! That’s it?????

And then BAM, it hit me. The first project. And my mind took off like a dragster takes off when the light turns green.

That quote and good ole Winston has carried (and pushed) me through so much; A long run. (keep going) A hard day at work (keep going). Being broke (keep going). Being pulled in five different directions (keep going).


When I went through my divorce—my heart, my identity, my world, my belief system and my trust exploded into a kazillion, bazillion pieces. But Winston Churchill said to KEEP GOING. So I did.

I kept waking up. I kept getting my daughter to school. I kept showing up to work. I kept getting dinner on the table. I kept lacing up my shoes. I kept cleaning house. I kept paying my rent. I kept taking care of my car. I kept shopping for our basic necessities. I kept going to meetings and holding on to my sobriety. One day at a time. I kept calling my friends. I kept praying. And when I wanted to just give up….

I. Just. Kept. Going.

2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011.

Because Winston Churchill said to keep going. So I did.

And while I was running…I was remembering how dark my world was in those years. Those years will never be gone. They will always be a part of me. I have accepted them completely. Because even though the mental devastation was horrific….not only did I keep going….

I came out fucking standing.

(Insert picture of a woman standing with hands on hips.)



So back to the project. I’m going to organize a “quote” wall-hanging, made out of fabric squares sewn together. And have coworkers write (and draw) their favorite quote on a fabric square. A quote that helped them through a tough time. Or a quote that motivated them to keep pressing forward. Or a quote that simply made them laugh. Then take those quotes, and sew them together. Then stand back and see a compilation of strength.

Thank you Winston Churchill.


I run on purpose because it heals my mind.


What is your favorite quote???

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4 Comments on “JUST. Keep. Going.”

  1. fullmoonrunner Says:

    That’s amazing – it’s great that you are still standing after going through some seriously tough times! I often find that I learn a lot about life from running, it really is a great metaphor. I don’t have a single favourite quote, but I do like this one a lot: “Never regret anything – if it’s bad, it’s experience and if it’s good, it’s wonderful!”


  2. takingtheringoff Says:

    Thank you for that. I need to remind myself to keep going. Divorce is hell. I don’t understand why my decision to get married was so easy when getting divorced is so difficult. Today, I will keep going. Even though sometimes I don’t want to…


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