Go Where It’s Warm

October 6, 2013

My Running

If you know me at all then you know I tend to feel in extremes. When I feel, I feel deep. That is a curse. Trust me.

This year has been very bittersweet. My running has been so up and down. I’m doing great and running a lot–and then I’m under dr’s orders and not running at all. These days I am not running at all, although I am waiting on my custom orthotics to come in. I am very hopeful this will put an end to my year long injury of plantar fasciitis. Hopefully in this case, money will buy happiness!!!

I quit one important friendship this year, and saved another one. (I also cut ties with my ex husband, after 7 years of wishful thinking—I finally said good bye.)

I used to be told all the time “go where it’s warm. Go where the love is…” I never quite understood what that meant. Move to warmer climates? Stand in front of the heater in wintertime? This year I finally understood it, through pain of course. Friendship & Pain should never be in the same sentence—but one thing to be sure of if it happens is that the pain will either break you or make you. In my case, it was both.

Go where it’s warm. Stay away from those friendships that leave you lonely and cold. The friendships that leave you baffled and wondering what it is you’re doing wrong. And go where it’s warm. Towards the friendships that value you. Towards the friendships that show you that you are an important part of the equation. Go towards the friendships that warm your heart, make you smile, help you up, encourage you, inspire you, and strengthen you. You know who those people are. And if you’re lucky to have those people in your life–reciprocate. Or you will be quitted. And worse, you won’t be missed. :-/

Pain is the cornerstone of all growth. It’s true.

It sucks….but it’s true.

I want to be a trail runner. I want to join trail running groups. I want to do a trail half marathon. I want to be patient with my plantar fasciitis recovery and follow dr’s orders. I want to see the view from the top. I want to run as much as I want, anytime I want. I want to run free. I want to run with the wind, not against it. And I want to learn how to play the guitar!

Life is way way too short to live a life that hurts. It’s way too short to stay angry. And it’s way too short to waste.

Go where it’s warm. Where is that for you?


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4 Comments on “Go Where It’s Warm”

  1. Mikk Murray Says:

    Fantastic post! Thank you :)


  2. Viktortilla Says:

    It makes perfect sense.

    Leave relationships that no longer continue to serve you. You must evolve and if you dont evolve, you don’t grow.


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