8 Seconds to Crazy. Or Happiness.

July 5, 2013

My Running

I decided at the last minute to run the local 5k that several of my friends were doing. I didn’t really want to run it because it was my day off…and it was July…and there was a chance the sun would be blazing down on us. But at the last minute I decided to do it.

The weather was gloomy. Gloomy weather doesn’t mean cool weather…but nonetheless—there was NO SUN. And I love that! I went alone and didn’t make plans to meet up with anyone. And at the starting line found myself with three of my friends.

I had done this race back in 2011. I couldn’t remember what my finish time was but I knew I was around an 11 minute pace. I also knew I would be finishing in less time than that race. But then I also “knew” I would be finishing with a less time for my Sacramento run. . And if you read that blog–then you know how that went!

The 5k seemed longer than a normal 3 mile run. Don’t know why. There must have been some inclines. I know at the finish there was an incline. And the slightest incline (to me) at any end of any race is BIG. I was pushing myself and trying not to push myself. Coming into the finish I was .10 miles away. I could see the finish. And my Runkeeper showed me at 29:30. I had less than thirty seconds to come in at a sub-30. Which is what I was not shooting for till I saw that I had 30 seconds left.

What is that about? The kick my ass mentality?

I booked it. Hard. Fast.

The clock at the finish showed over 30. But my Runkeeper showed less, so I was hoping the official results would be closer to my Runkeeper. At the finish I got to meet up with a few more friends. I was surrounded by FAST runners! My friend Rob finished in less than 20 minutes! Wes finished in around 21 minutes. John finished in around 26. Don finished in around 25. And Robyn finished in 32…and that was her first 5k!!!

We all went to see the official results. Scrolling down the list and finding my name and then scrolling across….showed my finish time at 29:58.

I did a sub-30!

I posted it on Fakebook. (No that’s not a typo). And was pretty proud. :-)

Then a few hours later, I decided to look my results up online. And the results online showed 30:06.

insert record screeching sound right here!!!!


I had to go back on Fakebook and clarify I had not come in under 30 minutes. Humbling but not embarrassing. It was an oh-well moment. It was still better than 2011 when my finish time was 33:58. (I was just happy to finish with a less than 10 minute pace. I had to take about 5 months off of running. Because of heel pain. Plantar Fasciitis and a slight bone spur. It was the worst 5 months of my running life. So even if I didn’t sub-30….I ran at a less than 10 minute pace and I was happy with that. Very happy!)

And then—for some unknown reason….I went back online a few hours later to check again. Maybe it’s my need to hurt myself…or my obsessive personality…or whatever. But I clicked on “RESULTS” again.

Official finish time– 29:58.

W. T. F. ?!

Happy again–I went back to clarify once again. I did sub-30. And my smile, that had not disappeared, reappeared. :-)

The difference of 8 seconds was huge. To this runner anyway.

Running does something to me, and I can’t quite name what it is that it does. It’s not the Runners high that people talk about. I’m not even sure if its meditative like it used to be. It takes me out of isolation. It connects me. To what, I don’t know. All I know is I just feel connected.

And for someone who loves to isolate…feeling connected is a pretty amazing feeling.

Oh. And I turned (mumbling a number) yesterday. :-)

Robyn, Don, John, Rob, me, and Wes.

Not a PR–but after taking almost half a year off and believing I would probably never run again–I am so happy with this!!!

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