I May Be Titanium, But I’m No Lady in the Bright Orange Shirt!

June 20, 2013

My Running

So I don’t think I have EVER written two days in a row….

I did a trail run tonight. I parked and got in line to get my bib. There was one person ahead of me….and the next thing I know some lady walks up to the table and just asks for her name like there was no one in line. Seriously??

I tapped the lady in front of me and said (loudly) “go ahead…YOU were next in line…” Then the line cutter looked around as though she had just realized there was a line.

“TEACHER!!!! SHE CUT IN LINE!!!!!!!!!” (yes, that’s how I felt.)

So I got my bib. Got in line to use the bathroom. Heard them singing the National Anthem and then I wanted to cut in line! Made it out on time…and got in the middle of the pack.

At about 2 miles I asked myself why do I do this. Whyyyyyy do I sign up and pay for things that make me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack?? A little over 2 miles and we hit the real hills. The ones you could lean over forward and not fall…because the hill is that steep. When we hit a rolling part and I was running again…..I was back to asking myself “whyyyyyy do I do this????” when all of a sudden….the line cutter in the bright orange shirt passed me! You know how when you’re driving on the freeway….lost in thought and listening to the music….and all of a sudden a motorcycle passes you going 100mph and you think “where the heck did they come from??!!” Yeah–that’s how I felt when I saw the Line Cutter pass me. In her bright orange shirt, so it was hard to lose her in the crowd. She was running up the hill. So I thought: “I’m going to take her picture now. And then I’m going to take another picture when she is behind me. I’m usually NOT competitive in races because I only compete with myself. It shocked me that I was running a little faster so the Line Cutter would not be ahead of me. I sped up because of a resentment. That was new to me.

I couldn’t catch the lady in the bright orange shirt. I thought surely she would have to walk these hills but the problem was when she walked the hills I did too—thus always staying behind! Ughhhhh!!!!! I was determined to catch up. I couldn’t. The very last hill I gave it all I got….ran up the hill….couldn’t breathe at the top….and then knew it was downhill from there. I came out of the mountains and back on “flat” trail….caught a glimpse of her heading toward the finish line. I kept a fast pace but…..not fast enough.

And then I saw two runners I had started behind. Apparently I caught up to them and was behind them again. I picked up my pace….passed them…and at that time my running music playlist stopped. And I could hear feet right behind me. So I picked up the pace….and could still hear feet behind me. So I picked up the pace some more….and could not lose the sound of feet running right on my ass. I could see the finish line…it was yards away. So I started to run faster, and the feet behind me started to run faster. I decided to run at FULL SPEED so it was very obvious we were now racing. Like I used to race in the school yard on recess….that kind of running. FAST! And one of the girls came up right along side me, and I gave it everything I had in me….and she barely passed me right as we passed the finish line. And right when she passed me I yelled “oh come on!!!!!” We crossed the finish and kept walking because we could not breathe. . When I was able to breathe I said “you made me go faster than I’ve gone in over 30 years!!!!” We laughed. It was an incredible ending. I’ve never raced anyone like that before in a run.

I looked around for the Lady in the Bright Orange Shirt. I walked up to her and told her “because of your shirt, I tried catching up to you and couldn’t!!!! No matter how fast I went! You kicked ass!” She smiled and told me she hadn’t run in a long time and was just getting back into it.

So she’s a line cutter and a bragger.

My outside face made her think I was happy for her. :-)

I played the song “Titanium” about 4 or 5 times in a row on those hills. That song makes me push hard because the lyrics are so “strong”. I’m Titanium….but I’m no woman in the bright orange shirt. She must have been the reason I cut my time from last year’s race of 1:01 to tonight’s time of 59:10.

Thank you Lady in the Bright Orange Shirt. You really do rock.

And so it begins!!

That bright orange shirt was in the middle of that pack…

How can you miss that shirt? It was taunting me….

I turned a corner and I didn’t see a bright orange shirt. This is actually my favorite picture. Love this trail.

Heading to the finish line. There she is!

Trail runs feed you so good….why do I do these? For the food of course. I run for food.

Look at my ending pace!!!! That was the funnest finish ever!!!

Peter’s Canyon Trail, Southern California.

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