The Quiet Mind…Priceless.

June 12, 2013

My Running

So I am back to running with my GPS watch. I was meant to run with one.

It. Is. That. Simple.

I did a trail race yesterday. It was beautiful. For the 45 minutes I ran….my life was perfectly silent . I have had many many things on and in my mind, and I’ve had no peace over the last month. Anxiety and projection seriously don’t make a good combination.

The trail race was only 3.5 miles. There were some steep climbs. A couple I had to walk, no way I could run those! And once we got started…I can’t explain it….I heard silence. I had music playing and my mind was still full of thoughts….but I was in the Here and Now….and I heard nothing but silence. While I ran I thought:

“How am I gonna pass this guy?”
“Maybe I shouldn’t pass.”
“Maybe I should just slow down.”
“I love this!!!!!”
“Look at that view….”
“Am I holding anyone back? I’ll move over…”
“My legs feel good”
“Oh love that song!”
“Whoa…good thing I saw that hole…”
“Is this sand? I don’t like this…”
“Look how high they are climbing…”
“My heel doesn’t hurt AT ALL!!”
“I gotta tell him he’s got great music!!!”
“I want to come back here…”
“Omg look at that view…”
“My thighs are BURNING….”
“I gotta walk this part!”
“I’m almost done? Is that the finish?”
“That’s the finish….”
“I think I really love trail running…”
“Omg this was great!!!!!”
“That kicked my ass.”

And for 45 minutes….my mind was protected against….well…against me.

And THAT is what made me love running. I cannot wait to sign up for another one. We had yummy tacos, rice and beans afterward. And I even won a $15 Baja Fresh gift card.

Maybe I’m not addicted to running. Maybe I’m addicted to the quiet mind. Because THAT is what I want more of.

Heather decided to join at the last minute.



Beautiful view!!

Breathtaking. Taco Tuesday Trail Race Series. First of Three…@ Riley Wilderness Park.

I thought this was quite steep. What I didn’t know at this point was that an even steeper hill was right around the bend….

Single trail running meant when people walked everyone behind them was forced to walk too…

I love love love this!!!

Silent mind…or yummy tacos…which was better? I’m not sure!

I won this in the raffle!!!

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