Come back GPS watch—I miss you.

May 31, 2013

My Running

So I haven’t run with my GPS watch in almost a month. June 5th will mark 30 days and that’s what I committed to. To run without my GPS watch for 30 days. I have run a few times with friends and that’s been good. I came to realize around the third run without my watch that I probably would not be running alone. Alone and NO GPS watch? Nah– I don’t think so….

I wanted to do at least one long run without the technology of pace-distance-time. I have a few days left to do it. Will I? I don’t know.

I thought I would experience some freedom with this experiment. On the contrary. I feel depressed and sad. Running with my watch gave me purpose. Reason. A goal. And now–there’s just nothing.

Even this post seems blah.

I’m an instant gratification kind of gal. I like to see results. When I go from running a 10 min mile to 9:55 mile to a 9:54 mile…..that’s HUGE for me. Even when I go from a 10 min mile to a 10:15 min mile… makes me try harder and not give up.

No watch—no desire.

Maybe I can’t be “old school” because I never ran when I was old school. I am a GPS watch runner. And always will be?

I don’t know. I’ve never felt this scattered about my running before.

Blah blah blah.

I went for a run with a running club. There were about 100 people there. And we all took off–down sidewalks, through parking lots, on streets…..boring. And with no GPS watch—I was even more bored. Nothing to look at. Nothing to strive for. Wah wah wah….

Someone slap me!!!!

Good night…..

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2 Comments on “Come back GPS watch—I miss you.”

  1. love2trailrun Says:

    I think a break is good, but not a diet. You are right, it should feel like freedom, the GPS shouldn’t dominate us either way. This morning I went to put mine on, but the battery was dead so I tossed it aside. I just don’t like how I become a slave driver with numbers sometimes. Especially trail running because the difficulty can vary so much depending on the trail, it misleading to always hold yourself to a certain pace. So I vote for both, or to “wear your GPS like a loose garment.” Nice to have sometimes, but not required.


    • rsouleret Says:

      I never thought I would like trail running as much as I do. And I never thought I would miss my GPS watch. And you’re right….leave it as an option.


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