Construction Zone Ahead

December 15, 2012

My Running

So I went to the doctor and he took X-rays and it turns out I have a bone spur and that caused some hip strain on the opposite hip and he suggested I get physical therapy for four weeks and learn how to stretch as well as learn strengthening exercises and take a daily “ibuprofen” pill and NOT run for six weeks.

Six weeks. Six weeks?? SIX weeks??!!!!!!

Me: So this means I can’t run the half marathon I already signed up for on January 5th?
Him: not unless you want to risk injuring yourself and be down longer….
Me: what about short runs?
Him: probably not….
Me: what about February?
Him: let’s see how this next six weeks goes with physical therapy and the ibuprofen.
Me: will this go away?
Him: if you stay off it and don’t further injure yourself.


Him: This is temporary. And we will get you back to running. And then he smiled.

Some people have the kind of smile that light up a room. I know it sounds cliché but it’s true. And his smile made me trust him. And it made me have hope. And it made me smile back….even though not running has driven me to tears.

The weird thing is—I have been totally stressing out about my sore heel. And I didn’t realize how heavy it has been on my mind till I felt the mental relief after my appointment. Having the X-ray done and getting some definite answers has been the biggest relief, even though its going to keep me from running for six more weeks. I felt like I was able to breathe. (Insert deep breath here)

A sudden change of subject: before I was diagnosed with gallstones I was always talking about how I was going to change my unhealthy bad fat eating. But it was all blah blah blah, talking out of my ass. Because I never made the change….on my own. When I was diagnosed with gallstones, I changed my eating drastically. I began to eat way more fruits. More veggies. More grilled chicken. Zero dairy. Zero fried foods. And then when my gallbladder was removed, I continued to eat that way because I liked the way it made me feel. I sneak in some fries here and there. And a little cheese. But not like B.G. (Before Gallstones). That experience was truly a blessing.

Now I have noticed the same thing with this stupid bone spur. And before I got into too much mental anguish—I realized that this is probably a blessing. Because all I’ve been talking about for months is how I “will” cross train. And never actually did it. I was always going to spin…..swim…….bike….and it was all “blah blah blah” out of my ass because I never DID anything. No action required when talking from my ass….right? Ah but the Universe heard me express my desire to cross train…..and what happens?

That’s right. BONE SPUR.

Blessing. Because now I’m spinning. Stretching. And going to swim when I get a new swimsuit. And when I thought I would die without running….I have found the opposite to be true. I am alive. And happy.

This morning we had a Christmas Gift Exchange/Fun Run with our online “GIRLS WHO RUN” group. Many of us already know each other in “real” life. I almost didn’t go because I knew I would not be up to running. But that was my thinking B.D. (Before the Doctor). After the appointment….I decided I would go to a spin class while those Girls Who Run, ran. I woke up late and ended up doing the elliptical instead.

And here’s the miracle (my life is just full of them)…..the miracle was that I had NO self-pity going on. I didn’t run and it was REALLY REALLY REALLY okay. I loved hearing about their run, where they went, how far they went, who got lost, who turned the wrong way, who ran with who….it made me smile.

Like the doctor made me smile.
Like spinning makes me smile.
Like the music this morning while I was at the gym made me smile.
Like the text message I received made me smile.
Like the lady at the bank made me smile.
Like the man who worked at the sports store made me smile.

Like this picture makes me really smile. ILML.


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4 Comments on “Construction Zone Ahead”

  1. Brittany Says:

    That is so awesome that you were able to hear about their runs and feel ok!! That had to be hard! GReattt job!


  2. hkbunk Says:

    As always…an inspiring commentary and a wonderful moral story to be gained. Thanks for sharing. Glad you finally have some answers and I fully expect the healing process to be on track because you are on track and encouraging the rest of us to be as well.


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