November 27, 2012

My Running

Work is extremely stressful right now and right when I need running more than ever—it’s gone.

I made a decision last week to stop running. I ran my fastest 5k ever on Thursday, just right under 30 minutes. I was so happy! But I was in pain the rest of the day. Hip pain and heel pain. I was limping and should not have been for a simple little 5k. I had been having pain for a while and I have also started chiropractor treatments–but it’s not getting better. And I have a feeling it’s because I’m still running. So I decided to stop.

And I feel so sad.

I have a New Years resolution that involves lots of running next year. It’s a year long resolution and I can’t afford to be injured or sore in any way. I haven’t wanted to stop running because I have a half marathon scheduled in January…and I wanted to do great! But that half does not have anything to do with my New Years resolution. So instead of pushing myself farther into this injury…I decided to back off for one month and focus on healing.

My plan was to join a spinning class for one month and add in a weekly yoga class. I have been planning to swim for cross training and that will remain the same. I have learned a very painful lesson. It’s not the running that has injured me. It’s the lack of stretching.

I feel like my best friend has moved away. I have this sad feeling in my heart. And with all the chaos at work now–I need my best friend here more than ever. Running saves minds like mine.

My mind, of course, is thrilled that my running has been halted. I could have sworn I heard it do an evil laugh. It thinks it will break me down again. The spin class was going to be my saving grace. But in looking up class schedules at TWO gyms I belong to—at several locations—I couldn’t find a spin class that fit my schedule. How can there be several 9am spin classes?! Don’t people work!?? Oh I’m just mad because I’m jealous of the people who can go at 9am.

I decided to focus on the solution. I just didnt know what the solution was. And then it hit me. I own an iPhone. So I went to the App Store and found a “spin” app. Downloaded it. This app tells me when to warm up, when to add resistance, when to sprint, when to recover, when to increase the speed… was awesome!!!! I tried it for the first time tonight. All by myself in the spin room at the gym. I got my heart rate up—worked my legs—sweat was dripping off me…..I wish I knew how many calories I burned.

The good news….I worked my legs and felt no pain. I can use this app on my own time, and fit this into my schedule just like I did with running.

The bad news….I miss running. And that spin bike seat hurts my ass.

So if I were talking to a friend what would I tell her? I would tell her: this is temporary. You’re going to appreciate your running that much more when you get back on the road. And why push yourself into injury and risk being off the road longer, when you can just take a few weeks off and it will pass quickly? You downloaded a spin app so now you can go whenever you want, at your own time. Listen to your own music. You can still check out a spin class on the weekends. This is not the end. This is the beginning. Remember that time off is going to benefit your entire 2013 New Years Resolution.

Keep your eye on the prize.

I miss you, Running. See you soon. Muah!!!

My new best friend for the next month.

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