“I Ran 10 Miles of Hills Today”

September 9, 2012

My Running

There are 5 Saturdays in September and I was dreading the first four. The long runs! If you have read my beginning blog–then you know that I’ve never trained for a half marathon and never ran longer than 5 miles. I may have done 6 a couple times. 7 maybe once.

I just completed my second Saturday of the dreaded 4. I did 10 miles of HILLS. Its all I kept saying all day yesterday. “I ran 10 miles of hills today”. A few of us went to breakfast after our practice and we would be talking about orthotics or the food or the heat or my lack of flirting skills—and I would randomly say “we ran 10 miles of hills today”. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I did 10 miles of hills. Not one hill. Not 1 mile of hills. TEN MILES OF HILLS. Granted–they weren’t San Francisco hills….but even in San Francisco the first six miles of the half marathon are FLAT.

Also if you have read my earlier blogs–you will also know that I HATE RUNNING IN THE SUN. And boy was it HOT yesterday. I don’t know how much water I drank but I drank a lot. I refilled both times we stopped at our water station. I remember at one point I looked at my arms when I was running and I thought “Jesus even my wrists are sweating…”. I take pictures of everything…but I forgot to take a picture of my sweaty wrists. I kept waiting for my head to take over and beat me down to a pulp. I kept waiting for the moment to come when I would simply say “Fuck this….I’m walking”. It never happened. Before I knew it….well that might be an exaggeration because the end didn’t come “before I knew it”. But after nine and a half miles, we hit this upper incline to the finish. And I knew the end was somewhere near but it just wasn’t happening soon enough. And in that last half mile I was slowing down. I was hot. I was tired. I was thinking about walking the incline out of laziness. And then FINALLY I saw the four way stop which meant the parking lot where we started was right past that.

I got to the water fountain where we met and took off my hot shoes and my hot socks and sat on the ledge and stuck my feet in the COLD COLD water. I kept looking around because I didn’t want to get a ticket for sticking my feet in a fountain. I don’t know….is that illegal? It was only a few minutes anyway but OH MY GOD it felt soooooo good. It was like when you see a cartoon character with his butt on fire and he runs to jump in a lake to put the fire out and then says “aaaahhhhh”. Well that was me yesterday after the run. After the 10 miles of hills. In the hot sun.

But I did it. As I was noticing there were no coins in this fountain and my feet were feeling SO GOOD, I thought “I did it”. I did what I dreaded. I faced what I feared. My first thought when I first saw this run on the schedule was that I would lie, say I had to work, and not go. And ironically–telling on myself keeps me accountable and makes me show up.

This marks my third 10-miler with Team in Training. The first one I finished in 1:57. The second one I finished in 1:48. Both of those on flat-land. This one, the one with the hills, my finish time was 1:51. I did it.

I ran 10 miles of hills. Unbelievable!!!! Right?

There’s no such thing as “I can’t”. It’s true. I was a very overweight woman who never left her couch and loved being lazy. And I ran 10 miles of hills.

I still love to be lazy–but now I’m lazy on my rest days.

Did I mention I ran 10 miles of hills today?

PALOS VERDES, CA. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. 10 miles. Of hills. In the sun.

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2 Comments on ““I Ran 10 Miles of Hills Today””

  1. hkbunk Says:

    Yep, that’s the Renee I know!


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