Where Two or More are Gathered…

July 11, 2012

My Running

I was always a solo runner. Because that way I could stay in my head. I never liked the group runs because it meant I had to talk. And I didn’t want to talk when I ran because I wanted to think of me. I would replay conversations in my head. Again and again. I had a friend who would always ask me to join, but my answer was always an excuse. A true excuse…but still an excuse. No wonder I never got that “runners high” that people talk about. Because I was so deep into Self—mentally challenging myself with every step. Or maybe a better term would be “mentally draining” myself.

When I joined Team in Training I was forced to do group runs. I could have run on my own but that would defeat the purpose of “TEAM in training”. I could have skipped the group trainings but that would mean I was foregoing the training that I wanted. So I went against my own head and rolled with it. I put away my headphones and got my running shoes on.

The friend that was always asking me to join them for runs had never stopped asking. So my answer changed from “not this time” to “alright I’ll be there”. We meet weekly and it’s my favorite day/run of the week! And I surprised myself when I started one run by saying “OK, so remember last week I told you……”

I show up three times a week for the Team in Training clinics and runs. I’ve gotten to know different people from different walks of life that are just like me. I’ve gotten to know the different reasons why people run. And recently I showed up at a 10k and I saw some TNT participants from my chapter and I was so happy to see them! We are bonded through running and TNT.

I have fallen in love with running. It has become very personal to me. I’m holding on to it with both hands and I’m never letting go. The group runs taught me so much about myself. That it’s not all about me. And that my world is not all there is. NOW when I run solo…I can use running to clear my head. NOW when I’m done with my run I am flying so high on life. The recent 10k I went to, I forgot my headphones!! That would have NEVER happened in years past. But this time I said. “Oh shoot. Oh well”. Because TNT and my Tuesday runs have gotten me used to running without headphones. Now I know it’s not the end of the world if I have to hear my own footsteps and my own breathing. Now it’s not such a burden to run with me. It took group runs to show me what running is all about.

Running really has helped me become my own friend.

My Tuesday runs are where I can let it all go.

Running with my niece and her friends.

Solo Runs are much better now. :-)

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