I Heart My iPhone.

July 5, 2012

My Running

When I first started running I bought an expensive Garmin watch. It tracked my distance, pace, and calories. It did other stuff too…but those were the basics. But then I got my iPhone and discovered there were loads of running apps that track all of that too. The one I fell in love with was “Runkeeper”.

I love being able to run with my phone. I can take pictures of places I want to remember while out on a run. I can set a unique ringtone and text tone for my daughters in case they call me and need me. I can set the interval trainer on the app to run 1 mile/walk 1 min. I get audio updates of my stats every mile or every 5 minutes, whichever I choose. I can listen to any music station I am in the mood for on Pandora. I can forward to the next song, pause the music, and adjust the volume all by a few clicks on my headset. I can see a map of where I ran, and where I hit each mile marker. It shows me my average pace for each mile….it even shows me my pace for every minute of the run.

But my favorite part….well there are two favorite parts. The first being: it shows me calories burned!! The second is taking pictures. I often go through my pics and can remember how I felt during that particular run and whether it was a difficult or easy run.

This was a running path near a hotel I stayed in when I went to Chicago for work. I was so worried I wouldn’t run while I was there. But I did :-)

This was on a trail in Washington…I had gone for a conference. It was 30 degrees. I didn’t think I would dare to run in the cold. But I did :-)

This was taken after a run in my hometown: Visalia, CA. I sat and enjoyed the silence. I had never known this city had anything remotely close to a running trail. Turns out they did. :-)

On this day I took her with me and she rode her bike while I tried to keep up. She stopped several times to wait for me. This was the best view. Had to capture it!

Running HILLS with Team in Training. TNT is taking me places I wouldn’t normally go!

Yes that diagonal line in the middle of the picture is what we “ran” up. For this run we set the interval at 1 min run/2 min walk!!

This is where I normally run, this is home.

Sand running. EXTREMELY hard for me. But look at that view. This was shortly (like a week) after the tsunami hit in Japan. I kept looking at the ocean thinking how the view in Japan was so very different. And tried not to take anything (like life) for granted.

Just a cute little bridge when I’m running in the Wetlands. This was an early morning run, and I couldn’t find my headphones. And I remember this moment thinking: it’s SO quiet here.

While going to pick up a running bib for a Thanksgiving day run, I saw people in line to get food. It made me realize that I have no complaints. This was a run titled “Race Against Hunger”. And I thanked God that year that me and my kids were not hungry, nor have we ever been. And forgot about anything I was complaining about.

Went for a run along the California Coast…..stopped at this breath taking view and my first thought was “wow. Look how big God is…”

This was my most recent 10k that I ran, which was yesterday. As I was turning 45! :-)

And then this picture. Will never forget. Took a picture of the beautiful scenic view as I was DRIVING. What I didn’t know as I snapped this picture was that there was a motorcycle cop right to my left. Oopsie!!! Yes…he did pull me over. No…I did not get a ticket for texting and driving. The cop was nice :-)

“Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.” –Lynn Jennings

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One Comment on “I Heart My iPhone.”

  1. hemingwayrun Says:

    Nice pictures! I find it hard enough concentrating on running, let alone being a photographer at the same time!


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